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May 30, 2024

Have An Attitude That Is Open and Curious

Russell Harvey
CEO, THE Resilience Coach

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Meet Russell Harvey, "The Resilience Coach," a dynamic and engaging Leadership Coach and Facilitator, Public Speaker, Managing Director, NED, Podcaster, and Radio Host. With over 20 years of experience in Learning, Leadership, and Organizational Development, Russell has specialized in Resilience and VUCA for the past 18 years. He is passionate about positively impacting 100,000 people by the year 2025 and has already reached 43,202 individuals. Russell's areas of expertise include resilience in our modern world of uncertainty and ambiguity, executive coaching and leadership development, talent management and career coaching, facilitation, change leadership, and creativity.

In addition to his work with clients, Russell is the Chair of Governors of a local primary school and a volunteer with Leeds Young Authors. He also runs public speaking and confidence workshops in schools. Russell holds an array of qualifications, including Certificates in Training, Education, and Coaching. He is an ILM and CIPD facilitator, Strengthscope practitioner, Master NLP practitioner, and MBTI certified. Additionally, he has served as a National Training Awards Judge and is a member of the Association for Coaching, NLP, and CIPD.

Don't forget to learn more about Russell and his work at:http://theresiliencecoach.co.uk/ 

Invest In Your Leadership

"Without a doubt, going through this has improved my confidence and my leadership skills!"


"I feel more confident speaking to people, I feel more confident in my own interactions with my thoughts, and my processes."


"The main concepts really drive a confidence within each person. My confidence level as a leader really stepped up and I think it comes back to being engaged, and knowing your information, which is what this course is all about."


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